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“I HAVE SEEN THE FACE OF GOD TODAY” © 1990, 2014, 2015, 2021 song of praise by Elton Houck, and Arthur Kaufman (words and music)/China Co-op Music Publishing (ASCAP) Mad Loon Music Publishing (BMI)…reprint from Elton Houck’s books—“JUMP ROPING through the LABYRINTH to the ABYSS—finding God”© Elton Houck 2014—Outskirts Press—and ---“THE 6TH DAY—Exiled from the garden” © 2015 Elton Houck—Outskirts Press// “I HAVE SEEN THE FACE OF GOD TODAY”/ VERSE 1:…My child lies dying/All my hope is gone/Although I try, I can’t reach the healer/I can’t get by for the press of the throng/… VERSE 2:..Now where is the man?/I have to see Him/They say He made blind eyes to see again/That you had only to believe in Him./… CHORUS:…Is it true what they say this man can do?/Calm the storm, heal the sick, give the sinner peace/Can a mere man do wonders like these?/I cannot say, but one look at Him and I believe/I have seen the face of God today./I believe I have seen the face of God today./… VERSE 3:…I could not reach Him/In vain I did try/But then He stopped and looked around at me/And fear disappeared, His peace did abide./… VERSE 4:…Yes my child He saved/But He did much more/Mended a broken heart, a soul restored/He is the Son of God, the Christ, my Lord….///\\\NOTE___The original art selection for “I BELIEVE I HAVE SEEN THE FACE OF GOD TODAY” is a painting 21.75” X 17.25” on glass with spray enamel..and paint pens entitled “THE EVERLASTING ARMS” © 2009 Elton Houck……/////////============================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================Flag Counter ======

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Anonymous Guest

Barb Schindel 22 days ago

You have vivid imagination with your artwork. Very talanted

Artist Reply: Thank you Barb for the kind words --u made my day!!! (*well actually Jesus made all our days....and he put you and I in them),,,,Thank you again!

Barry Huyett 11 Jan 2021

I C his face every morning....

Artist Reply: I Thank God Barry you are a brother in Christ!

Nancy Price 11 Jan 2021

Is this embroidery or paint. Cool results.

Artist Reply: Thank you Nancy...and it is spray paint enamel on reverse side of a glass pane...then paint pen on the obverse or presentation side.