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songs of APARTHEID: “FREE AT LAST” © 1994, 2014, 2021 Elton Houck (words and music)/China Co-op Music Publishing (ASCAP)…reprint from author’s book—“JUMP ROPING through the LABYRINTH to the ABYSS—finding God”© Elton Houck 2014—Outskirts Press--------------// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “FREE AT LAST” VERSE 1:…We have journeyed with heartache and sorrow/South Africa, we had no place to call our own/Fearful, we faced each new tomorrow/God saw our tears and heard our cries and ,moans/…. VERSE 2:…Mandela, can’t you hear the angels sing/A glorious—mighty—joyful jubilation/Heavenly freedom bells now will ring/For at last God smiles upon our nation/… CHORUS:…Sing the words of Martin Luther King, “Free at Last!”/The light of new dawn shines with liberty/Oh South Africa, the night is past/Yes, now we are free—FREE AT LAST!/Martin, we too are FREE AT LAST!/…. VERSE 3:…Sound the horns, ring the bells, and beat the drums/Today we’ll sing the songs of victory and praise/Through tears of night we have already come/Shout for joy as the freedom flag is raised/… VERSE 4:…South Africa, land of hatred and strife/Now must be one people of love and brotherhood/For freedom’s light to shine forth so bright/So God sends his peace and joy from above…//\========================================================================================================NOTE,,....The art work for FREE AT LAST is an original ACEO titled-----"VICTORY IN JESUS" (C) 2006 Elton Houck=========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================Flag Counter ======

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Charles Jones 11 Jan 2021

It's really a joyous piece, Elton. And very pure too with great color and composition. Big like from yours-truly. :)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your kind words...I do appreciate you Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!