Lust Lost (1)

Title: Lust Lost Size: 132.0cm x 101.0cm Year: 2020 Medium: Mixed-media (Acrylic, Ankara Fabrics & Plastic bags). Context: I've seen many black men do not understand masculinity in its relationship with a woman, they therefore abuse that power and crush the woman because she's physically fragile. With this artwork, I bring to life why every (black) man must recognize his masculinity as a mean to protect the tenderness of a woman, and not become so entitled to the point getting lost in his passion for pleasure alone. The flower in the painting signifies the tenderness of a woman, which calls for careful nuturing, both verbally and physically. - Israel P.

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Marie josé LAURIER 15 Jan 2021


X-Chel 20 Dec 2020

Very nice artwork with a deep meaning and message also! Thumbs up!

Artist Reply: Thank you. This space was recently recommended by a colleague, and I'll be putting more works on soon. Thanks for your kind comments ??