U.S. (Unwholesome Shelter)

Photography, Color Photography on Photo Paper 2019 W:40.00 H:27.00 cm Biafarin Artwork Code: AW148609934 This series juxtaposes the torn and dirty USian flag with the naked bodies of all genders, races, sexuality, nationality, and cultural backgrounds to capture their vulnerability, emotions, and strength, critiquing the United States as the dreamland and shelter for all. The U.S. is alleged to be the most open and tolerant country but it fails to welcome people from various backgrounds equally. Everyone was invited to join the project because most of the people were immigrants in some ways at some point in the history of the country even if they're citizen snow. Moreover, I am interested in the body, not the mainstream beauty. I encouraged everyone to model nude because I was not interested in censoring any specific body parts. If they are part of the body, they deserve to be seen/there.

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X-Chel 20 Dec 2020

Nice artwork with good thought behind it!