“Brighter in Bloom” is meant to be the focal piece of this set, and for me, it's a self-portrait and a very personal work, it was important for me to use different elements of the painting to convey some very specific, very personal elements of my maturation as a queer person to the point that I am today. The blue hair is an obvious reflection of my own, but I wanted to also use it as a floral display to represent my own blossoming into who I truly am and how I really feel. But I also wanted to use the brown roots of my hair to show that underneath all of my emotions and feelings, I am still me at the core. Still Paige. And the glitter representing my face to reflect on the comments that were made to me as I came out to them. Everyone remarked that after coming out to them and relieving myself of that secret, that I appeared “brighter” to them. The comment that everyone made to me was “you seem happier” or “you’re becoming more of yourself”. That there was more of a light to me and my overall appearance. I want my audience, anyone who is willing to look and listen and feel and be open-minded, to feel what I felt and connect in whatever way moves them.

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