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Design made with memories of the real story of already a famous designer:-)

Nov, 2018. I was walking with my son along a street in Rome. Mid-morning to Noon Time. From a distance, I noticed someone wearing a Green Suit, sitting in a restaurant. He got up from his chair, and raise a big scarf, in his two hands. ( Green Bordox, ornamental design )

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AND THEN.. I would ask, can I really work, in private and earn my living fairly, while YOU, Watches my private life and BUSINESS Mails... ? Until when those sick spy, will watch over all that I do in my life?
Why YOU arrange peeping at our private life...
Let's see who is the president that cares enough, to solve this once and for always... Where is the respect?


Anonymous Guest

Marie josé LAURIER 17 Oct 2020


Anneke Hut 17 Oct 2020

You are a great designer, Nira! I do especially like the T-shirt.

Ray Steele 16 Oct 2020

Nice design

Artist Reply: Hello Ray...Thanks so much for visiting. Stay healthy happy and safe. Love and peace from Israel, Nira.

Al Budarin 16 Oct 2020

This is absolutely Amazing,the designs & patterns are fantastic,This Red Bubble ,is it a Brand or a Franchise ,so many different kind of article ,& in Red,,do you also supply the Cloth or tapestry ,for the design,it's so fashionable ,must be the latest I have never seen this nor this Brand of Colours .I find it a being very unique. ,You are going to revelutionize the Fashion world with these ideas . WELL DONE, another corner for you,& with your skills you Create this Craft.

Artist Reply: Hello Al.. Thanks so much for visiting. Stay healthy happy and safe. Love and peace from Israel, Nira.