The World Egg

A little commentary. I have hidden several silhouettes in here -- fish, people and 'turtle faces'. Inside the 'brain' are seeds growing into leaves, plants and etc.. I think the meaning has to do with the ongoing science of how much of our awareness is what is in our brains(medicine/science) and how much is something else?(mystical/myth) Inks on bristol, hand-drawn 4 hours.


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gregg dutcher 06 Feb 2006

Your,....attention to detail is astounding!!!! --incredible piece--

Stephanie Simpson 28 Jan 2005

Incredible! Lots of work was put into this. Awesome detail!

Elizabeth Teed 28 Jan 2005

Excellent work, Marie

geert-jan tielen 28 Jan 2005

nice patterns

Cruz 27 Jan 2005

nice use of line