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Sep, 4, 2020.
Already become familiar to very many people.
That was such a morning, in Hot "Red" Israel...
I am not sure how many surprises were planned for this morning in the mall...and elsewhere over Israel.
I like the idea... Yet was not sure what to do with all these surprises of not only today.. But years. Feeling a bit embarrassment from the situation. Nothing that I can do, in just a brief second of understanding ... not digesting it, really. At least I understood something, my sons, husband or parents will never understand, these kinds of situations. and will not believe it.. So I am not sharing with them. Sorry... I am not going to convince them.

At the entrance of a shop, a young person came out towards me, holding tickets in his hands. I recognized him immediately as resemble, like twin to MS. He said NOTHING, but showing me the tickets... for half a second I thought, maybe he wishes for a donation... I could not read what's on the tickets in such a short time, especially should be in a bit of a distance, according to COVID times.
Blue EyEs.. and curly hair :-).. very much like the grandson of MS :-) (REM) I thought.
What were these tickets, ..? I wonder later, I had no coins in my pockets...anyway.

I thank all the guests, who make the efforts, really. There is no need to wait for me, everywhere.
Since I also have a too short time to notice, yet I notice, but have not enough time to do with it.
Anyway, what should I do? after all, we don't know personally.
Since those are COVID times... things are more difficult... Perhaps in the future, you try making an appointment, via mail. I may be too excited.. but may meet you, if arranged, with me personally.
Dear guests, enjoy Israel... with hopes that the weather will change shortly.
Stay protected from COVID.
Love & Peace from Israel
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Anonymous Guest

Sigridur Bachmann 06 Sep 2020

Outstanding and beautiful work Nira !

Anneke Hut 06 Sep 2020

You are really a gifted designer!

Joanie Holliday 04 Sep 2020


marie-claire gallet 04 Sep 2020


Artist Reply: Thank you Marie.. Indeed.. We must take care more this time.. Stay healthy. Happy weekend.