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Myself In The 2000 Decade .. the watercolour I painted in this photo was given as a gift to a relative, I have no photo of it... And it was the last time I saw it..

When I started my professional way on the internet, back then 2002/3, I chose to use my real name, Nira Dabush.
I thought recently I should name myself, Charmery Kindness, which describe my character quite well, for that time, indeed. " Beautiful inside-out. " as many used to say to me. Not once.
What really happened since... ?

OH... If only I called myself Charmery Kindness back then ...

Kindness is the opposite of taking advantage of other people.

Kindness is the opposite of the act of invading by force other's privacy, private life.
A person who pretends to be kind, but in fact allows others to invade other's privacy, is hypocrite, criminal, who break the law & harm human rights, systematically and deliberately.

Even if you are forgivable person, and so very kind... How can you forgive all those insist on watching your personal private life, or reading personal notes, photos, that were not meant for them.

Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Enjoy the safety of privacy and healthy life... Plus never forget your responsibilities to those you see friends, family or people in general.
Copyrights (c) Charmery KindNESS = Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Anneke Hut 24 Jul 2020

Wonderful photo! I love the frame!

Thom Roslan 24 Jul 2020

Your just as beautiful today as you were in this photo........Beautiful Beautiful is !