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Watercolour inspired by a bird, Armando Salas saved years back in time.

Between you and me, Armando...
What are 3 images to post as dedication?
Your works dedications and words, that I would never forget.
How is it possible, that in this site, AW, a"place" where you were so active and loved by very many, that until this very moment, I did not view any post, reminded of you're gone... How is it possible that by chance, I found out you died a year ago... ?
I think AW should reconsider allowing active artists, that were paying members for years, to show their work, even if they no longer pay.

Thanks for viewing
Stay safe healthy and responsible to other's privacy as well as yours.
Love & Peace.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest

Ray Steele 25 Jul 2020

Love how use your make beautiful piece come to life

Sigridur Bachmann 17 Jul 2020

OMG ! What a beauty ! Lovely 'lyrical' photograph with super bold colors ! Beautiful tribute Nira !

Artist Reply: Hello Siga.. Actually this is a watercolour painting... GOOD to see u.. I hope that you are well and safe.

Thom Roslan 17 Jul 2020

Very beautiful words is justified that a "TRIBUTE" be set up for passing artists of caliber like Armando Salas. He was world honored & respected by many art orginizations throughout Europe and USA. Again. beautiful tribute Niri.!

Artist Reply: Thank you dear Thomi.. and thank you also for the tribute to Armando.. Which came from your heart. Happy safe privacy... Be healthy and protected.. God bless. RIP, Armando.

Anneke Hut 17 Jul 2020

I didn't know Armando has died, a loss for the artworld.

Artist Reply: Hello Anneke.. I sometimes checked on him.. and so, I did google search and found out from his Wikipedia.. and could not believe it.. and search for the newspaper he was working in Ferrol, Spain.. and there found an article in Spanish. It's hard to believe... Since I did not know he was ill, but I lost contact with him, End of 2007.. I assume 12 years we were nhot coresponding.. So... I could not know... Stay happy healthy... and protected in your privacy. Thanks dear friend.

Joanie Holliday 16 Jul 2020


Artist Reply: Joanoie.. THANK YOU SO MUCH.