The Mysterious flame of Anima 1

And so we see a painter using the colour of the rainbow to capture "the infinite transient beauty of the butterflies", and painting the wings of the birds as a symbol of anime. The rainbow is a symbol of the vow, a bridge between human and divine, a synthesis of understanding and subconscious. The colours of the rainbow when light is not lost and inner beauty opens in front of our eyes as it lights up through the clear drops of water in the cloud of rain. Without intending to absorb light, enlightenment, joy, or happiness ... the artist intends to transfer it by revealing its meaning to others, and to himself. The art painting is done in the traditional oil on canvas technique. In contrast to the warm and cool tones, it follows a spiral of Golden ratio that complements the dance of colour and body in the composition of the painting.

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Ginger Olansen 05 Jul 2020

Wonderful work here too!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Ginger