Aging from Human Beings and Forgetfulness

Painting, Acrylic, Collage on Canvas 2017 - 2018 W:90.00 H:120.00 D:4.00 cm Addressing an entity with the name of the contemporary man who is left in the present relationship of his being and entangled in the isolated isolation, is my existential concerns. This alienation of the self and the perplexity of the man who is in the body of our time is a real reaction, and I am looking for an inner response to it, so I have faced that and had a kind of critical and emotional look toward that. It's all the sensitivities that are trying to make a different world, a world in which the destruction of the present situation is aimed at recreating a new plan of man and his being. Accordingly, I have shaped the effect of a dynamic fluidity with the collage technique. Persons are caught up in their loneliness and isolation, although sometimes they are compared to each other, but ultimately they are drawn to the constant extinction. The situation is mixed with my inner excitement, and sometimes in some cases, with emphasis on colors with a positive theme, I'm looking for a way out of this frustrating deadlock. The equilibrium system of works seeking such a quality implicitly,seeks to harmonize such an unbalanced world. What matters to me is keeping clear the lights of hope that wants to bring a better world for us through inner explore.

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