from Inward Organized series

Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 2016 - 2017 W:120.00 H:90.00 D:3.00 cm My works are the result of a theoretical view towards the world and the universe. On the basis of which I have presented this form of art and in this direction I have found a good sense of unity with the elements around me. First, I start with the world around me and try to align myself with the desired element. While creating the work, I'm thinking of a sense of unity with that hypothetical element. Then my work is going on a mutual balance towards realization. There will be a two-way relationship between my feelings and my mind and what happens on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. So I do not impose anything on my canvas, but I allow the bulk of the creation of work to happen spontaneously. So what happens on the surface of the canvas is precisely what was not formed in my mind, but somehow related to it.

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