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The Matsui's (Patreon Promo Art) Hello Everyone, and welcome to my very special artwork! Today I'm officially launching my Patreon Camping. I took a time off on working on the comic to rework my old Patreon page I had a while back and added some features and benefits for anybody who wants to support me work. The Patreon Page is to he support my ongoing Web Comic "The Lunar Eclipse Act III." While this New Patreon page is brand new, I've been posting a lot of stuff for anyone to see. I've even added artwork that I haven't post here publicly as a Patreon exclusive. So how much do you have to donate to see and exclusive artwork or early access work? It's only a dollar a month! I made a tier section of amount of how much my Patrons donate to my page. Bronze Tier ($1 Patrons): For a dollar Patrons while be able to see all of my exclusive artwork that I haven't post in either of my main sites. These Patrons will also have early access of my new artwork several days before I post it on my main sites and will have exclusive access of each of the panel as soon as it's created and the animated gifs that comes with it weeks before I post it and my main sites. Silver Tier ($5 Patrons): 5 Dollar Patrons get all the features from the last Tier and a public Shout-Out with your Name or User Name in my description, as well as voting power whenever I set up polls for the page and a exclusive Work-in-Progress and tutorial of my art and comic. Gold Tier ($10 Patron): Everything included in the previous Tiers and a Special Shout out with a link to you page or website with it and a Downloadable Content of your choosing. Platinum Tier ($25 Patron): Everything included in the previous Tiers, with a special Platinum Tier shutout with a link to your page or website you want to promote, and a personal DM as a thank you for your support, as well as a personal artwork of appreciation for your donation. Diamond Tier ($50 Patron): Full Benefits from all the previous Tiers, including a voice message or a personal call, whatever you prefer, to formally thank you for your donation, as well as a free commission artwork. While there are posts that will either be early access and exclusive to patrons who donated, I will still have content post in the site. I'm planing on posting groups of my older artwork as well as riposting all of my Equestrian Backstories with small pics for visualization. With that I hope you take your time and check out my Patreon page if your interested an helping me with this project. I you can't you can also help me by commenting and share this content. Visit My New Patreon page: Check out me Redbubble page: Axel Doi's Redbubble

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