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Eleutheria Pillarvalley * 2020 Kiddolucaslee

The numbers of COVID-19 victim has hit 1183 in MALAYSIA today ...with 6 death....shops.. marts and wet markets forced to closedown,,,roadblocks were placed on highways....LOCKDOWN by the Police and Army....we truely having hardtime here....we worry that our food supply and stock may shrink in size....we had been orderd to stay home...crossing over to another region without good reason ...violating the order will land us in jail for 2 years Im putting more time on my creative works at home...our hearts trusting GOD to put his protection seal over us 21st March 2020 Art by Kiddolucaslee


Anonymous Guest

James Mann 21 Mar 2020

nice paining. good light

Ginger Olansen 21 Mar 2020

Your work is fantastic. You should contact some galleries and see if you can sell them, even prints. Good luck, I pray you do not get sick. We don't have a town lock down yet...but our peak will be April end or May. Scary. I am just over 70, have copd (lung disease) so I am staying at home.

Joanie Holliday 21 Mar 2020