Hu poplar trees

Inner Mongolia Ejina Populus\poplar National Nature Reserve is located in the center of Ejina Oasis in Ejinaqi, its west adjoins Dalai Hubu Town where Ejinaqi government agency reside ,its north borders on Juyanhai. the total area of the protected area is 26,253 square kilometers. here is the hometown of populus and the center of the desert. populus' environment and status is give a description of"living for a thousand years, dying for a thousand years, and falling for a thousand years" and is honored as the hero tree by all the world. Populus\poplar being also called as Poon, Hero tree, Water Tong tree, three-leaf tree is a very magical tree species of Cold resistance, drought resistance, salt resistance, sand resistance,, more than 400,000 acres of Populus forest in the desert experienced the years of cycles and the vicissitudes . Even through a thousand years of samsaraand weathering had left them only the horrible,vicious-looking twisted trunk full of irregular holes and pits, even if fallen down ,they still shows human beings their spirits of Stubbornness and unyieldingness.

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