In Conan's Dreams

The fire's glow warms Conan's face,as he dreams.His world of sleep,filled with the wonders of treasures past,and kingdoms of old...conquered by him.The fire's pop awakens him to the cold night.Without moving,he looks about.Hmmph.Nothing but the night.Slowly,he slips back into the dreams that lured his attentions,before.This time,the treasures are different.One by one the Cimmerian sees the memories of his past friends.They walk by,like ghosts,until one walks to him,and stands still.It is Red Sonja.The Hykernian stands fast,a look of seriousness leading her way."Good Day,Conan...And how will it be today,barbarian"?She reaches to unlock her armour,about her neck.But then,she stops.Sonja looks at him,smiles,and lowers her hands.He can hear the sound of her leather gloves tighten into fists."Come know the rules".She smiles bigger than before,and punches him in the eye.In the night,Conan dreams,with a content smile of his own. Marvel comics

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John Cappello 17 Aug 2013

Very Beautiful, Delightful, cleverly designed, and Always very Skillfully created.

Piero Lucia 15 Jul 2013

Tim you have a good eye for women curves, all your art is very interesting. Keep up the good work.

Cathy Holford 03 Feb 2011

That is just wonderful Tim!

X-Chel 29 Dec 2010

Great image...cannot praise this one enough! This is one cool-looking, yet playful, Sonja and I really dig the quotes you have underlined this pic with! Aaahh, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia when I read those lines; they donĀ“t make them fantasy comics/fictions like that anymore!

Claire Wilson 03 Mar 2009

This is absolutely Brilliant Work :)