One of my favorite artists is Kandinsky I may have mentioned, this is my version of one of his pieces. It's rare that I allow myself to go freeform, but I needed work on the tree limbs, hence the 'organic' (Un perfect) lines. The circles I used a template. Marker on paper, mounted, matted and sealed. Measures 8x10.

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Charles Jones 11 days ago

Perfection equals predictability that tends to be visually boring. Of course, there's no such thing but it there were, it would be exactly what I wrote. I like the rhythm, the color and its texture though perhaps not in that order, Sara. :)

Artist Reply: Yep you're absolutely right on the predictability, but it's kinda funny because I'm very much a 'perfectionist' :D holy moly you should see my reaction when I color out of line! haha