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As the name indicates, this fox has unusually enormous ears in proportion to its head, like those of many bats. Their bodies are generally yellow-brown with a pale throat and under parts. The outsides of the ears, the racoon-like “face-mask,” lower legs, feet, and tail tip are all black. Their legs are relatively short. Aside from their large ears, they are unique from other foxes by their teeth — they have more teeth than any other placental mammal (46 to 50) (


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Mitzi Delpho 06 Jul 2020

Really well done.

Thomas Curry 11 Dec 2019

i've always admired these little foxes and hope to visit their home one day thank you for your wonderful art

Artist Reply: You're very welcome

RQ Trietsch 11 Dec 2019

Love the drawing. Looks somewhat like the fox I'm working on at the moment on one of my wood carvings. I have a area on my current wip with the basic shape just waiting for this. Real appreciate your works immensely

Artist Reply: Thank you

Joanie Holliday 10 Dec 2019


Artist Reply: you're welcome