Sleeping With the Enemy

In a scandalizing Daily Prophet photograph made public for the very first time, a Gryffindor girl is discovered in the company of two Slytherin males. This will certainly cause heads to roll. :) This was drawn for a friend of mine (she knows who she is!), after whom the girl in the picture is loosely modeled. 3B pencil. © 2005 JKR, NTF. Search keyword: Harry Potter


Kerra Lindsey 22 Jan 2007

Whoa. I'd like to know the story behind this--I'm not familiar w/ the names.....intrigued! Great graphite piece here. -Kerra

Anonymous Guest 11 Jun 2005

Wow! Go tay! this is so awsome!

Debbie Jensen 15 Jan 2005

nice work

Jude 15 Jan 2005

bewilderd by title1 the detail is great pencil work