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I was going to create a artwork showing the flocks of wild budgerigars that have 6 weeks to raise their chicks when the rain arrives here in Australia, however when reviewing my husbands stunning photographs to choose my reference images, it was just two that stood out for me- they had eyes only for each other. Thus Budgie Love was created. This artwork created with airbrush and acrylic on stretched canvas is presently unframed but the price includes a Victorian Ash floating frame with hard backing for added protection that will require 1 week to craft. Thus this piece can be ordered unframed as well. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Of note is the fact that I chose the green budgies for this artwork for this the colour of wild Budgerigars in Australia, the blue Budgies are gene mutations created in aviculture but just as beautiful but wild birds with these colour mutations would have less chance of survival in the wild as the predatory birds would find them easier to hunt. Two very delightful birds to have seen and photographed- their dedication to each other is heart warming.

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