Doves was created to show these gentle birds after the last Dove disappeared from our roof. One flew away in a storm, one was killed by a neighbour cat and the other just left possibly to find other birds to be with again. We had three originally that lived there for over 3 years enjoying our bird bath and seed we provided for them. Doves like all birds need to waterproof their feathers using the gland at the top of their tails so they can stay in good condition and these three were no exception spending the hour preening making their feathers perfect while we photographed them with the light reflecting off their feathers. It is the soft beige, grey and purples I enjoyed experimenting with in this artwork.

Additional Project Images

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Dec 2019

Wes, your orchids are beautiful too! ??

Wes Schuelke 12 Dec 2019

Very nicely done.

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