The Border Reivers of England and Scotland c16th century

Completely handpainted. This map of the disputed borderlands of England and Scotland along with the Coats of Arms of the many border families of the area. C16th century this map has been painted in the style of the famous Cartographer W. SPEED. All maps are commision based.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 04 Jan 2021

Sorry it is not a great photo. It is just describing what is on the map, the arms of the different Border Reiver Families, their castles and battle sites. Hope this helps. I do not have a better picture as this was sold many years ago and serves only as a sample.

Anonymous Guest 03 Jan 2021

I can't read what the top part of the picture says from Stephen :( Best regards, Paula

Joanie Holliday 03 Nov 2019