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Road to Salvation


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Jan 2020

Art is ok, artist attitude not even ok

Artist Reply: Lol fake ? Right!! Look at you stupid bitch!! Look how fucking childish you're being! You think I give a fuck what you say or what think? I told you not to buy me stuff but ya did, you couldn't have me so you think you can throw the shit you bought for me in my face to say I manipulated you and because you think I'm fake? Lmao!! You're more stupider than i thought! You need to go take your dog smelling ass to the bath tub and think about the picture of the 2 bags of stuff you sent me saying you just got from Chris because I just sent that pic to the right people in silsbee and someone in vidor that can do what's lawful about that. Yours is definitely coming

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Jan 2020

Artist is fake

JD Pearce 20 Nov 2019

Very Nice!!

Artist Reply: Thank you bud