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Sometimes elaboration goes to such extremes as to detract. Sometimes life itself tends to over complication which, in turn, detracts from a basic understanding of 'things as they are.' Basically, though, existence is much simpler than we'd like to admit. It boils down to doing with purpose. This is a 6 by 4 inch drawing on paper with a nice tooth. But that I mean the ink takes to the paper in a way that smooth or slick paper can't. This is more of that none too smooth Original Jones Art as it toothily manifests itself up to the northwest in Austin, Texas.

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 05 Oct 2019

Torturous, complicated, intricate, intimate, serpentine and very detailed labyrinth,...the artist's life! Excellent details and an intriguing story, my friend, but, 'Oh what a Web we weave...' ;)

Artist Reply: Them be a lot of highfalutin words there, Mark, ol' boy. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them. Hope you are doing and feeling great today. :)