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From my short story, YOU will learn respect to the World of Design... Me and MORE.
Years Back... At the end of the 80's & Beginning of 90's
Early times of my career.
Having full faith and confidence of myself and my abilities, in every way possible and not only designs.
I sold Textile Designs to a factory, Later the designs become fabrics
A year after, or so.. I had an interview with a manager of a company in Israel, who wished to represent my work in an important professional exhibitions outside Israel, He was the owner of a big company of fabrics in Israel meant for Interior. To the interview, I brought my portfolio that contained designs and also some of the fabrics designed by myself, to show the quality of my work. He liked my work. and was interested I make him exactly the same design like I already had made and sold to a factory, he personally knew and worked with. I said I would not design the same design as I had already sold it... since the moment I sold the design.. I can't sell the same work to you. A matter of trust and integrity in work relationships and also copyrights.. He smiled knowing he could not convince me selling twice the same design or idea. From that day I started to work .. design for him his company too.

I would like to add... It is much easier to create one's his or , her own ideas than to copy or duplicate the ideas of the other.
The more I create.. the more Ideas I get from my own work.
Thanks for visiting
Cheers to integrity in the world of design and life itself.


Anonymous Guest

Anneke Hut 02 Oct 2019

Great story and very wise of you not selling the sold design.

Al Budarin 01 Oct 2019

Gorgeous Colours Wonderful creativity in Design & Patterns You have a Amazing skill & talent in your craft.

Joanie Holliday 01 Oct 2019