Paris. Door between Worlds. Surrealism

"The most beautiful things we can experience is the mysterious" Albert Einstein. Visiting Paris 10 years ago, I saw a group of people dressed in 19th century's clothing for a party. What striked me most about them was not just the clothes, but their manner of walking and speaking to one another-they paid their whole, undivided attention to the person with whom they spoke, without being distracted by their phones. By observing their behaviour, I realized that, in our ever-accelerating speed of life, we lost that ability to simply be in the moment when we enjoy a leisurely walk or real-life conversation. The painting shows an imaginary door with floral plume of daisy petals that leads into another world, a parallel reality of times past. A curious mind will always find a path, a door, a way to explore others worlds. How was it to live in previous centuries? And what will our future look like? And where is that DOOR that lets us peek into the other realities? These are among many questions one could ask in a qust of finding interesting answers.

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Ginger Olansen 18 May 2020

Beautiful Painting!