Ibis Art Australian Birds Susan Willemse

This large artwork inspired by wild Ibis that roost on dead trees by the side of water will need 2 weeks to be framed. Framing is done the same as all my artworks with custom built floating frames and hardback for added protection. You can request a price for Ibis unframed as well which is calculated on Pricing per square inch . Framing will increase the weight of the artwork. With this artwork I wanted to show how beautiful these "bin birds" aka urban Ibis are in the wild, they are delicate and have a lovely pecking order- you'll notice the older birds with plumes have the best spots on the tree without wind- the younger Ibis are more unbalanced but all are a delight to see and photograph.

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Dec 2019

Thank you Wes, it's developed over several years with a influence from my last work... ?? Susan

Wes Schuelke 12 Dec 2019

Lovely, like your style.

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