The Girls Black Cockatoos Art Australian Birds Susan Willemse

Two Yellow-tailed black Cockatoos are shown, they are magnificent gentle birds and these two are girls, the males have pink eye rings and a darker beak colour. Both were photographed during a pine forest harvesting here in Canberra at the same time as we photographed the birds for my art work titled Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos- I wanted to paint these amazing birds again and zoom in to show more detail so they were painted larger than life. This is why they have a startled look for they eat the pine cones and white grubs found in these forest plantations and had resorted to flying down to get their food that day. The artwork did not go smoothly initially as I had to source a special canvas for this frame as I had crafted a frame 1 mm too small for a previous artwork that we had re-framed- thus it was no more mistakes painting this one however after completing the background with electricity used for my airbrush, the next day a electricity supply failure meant I could paint the birds all day uninterrupted which is always a artists dream when they working in "the zone" creating artwork. The frame was a brand new hand crafted Victorian Ash sourced from Victoria, Australia with hard backing for added protection which is why I was reluctant to destroy it as it takes time to craft these frames but we usually build the frame after doing the painting not the other way around which was done in this case. I was pleased to be told by Sanjiv a talented painter and art critic that he thought this was a lovely painting after all this- indeed they are striking birds and feedback from overseas is that many people did not know Black Cockatoos existed before seeing this painting- so I discovered they are educational as well as beautiful to paint. This artwork can be seen in the online Australian birds art Gallery at

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