Curawongs and autumn leaves Art Australian Birds Susan Willemse

This artwork can be seen unframed at however a Victorian ash floating frame can be made on order identical to other artwork Gallery wraps, it also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Please allow 1 week to frame before delivery. In Canberra as the weather gets colder in autumn the leaves of the Persimmon tree outside my art studio turn a beautiful golden colour and the Currawongs arrive to sample the ripe fruit, thus wonderful sounds of nature start outside my art studio early in autumn and when I look outside there's sure to be a upside down, puffed up bird with piercing yellow eyes observing me from outside the window. Definitely inspiration for creating another artwork of Australian birds. There's another side to these birds to for they are carrion eaters as well as fruit eaters and I have heard farmers are wary when newly born lambs arrive but I have never seen any aggressive behaviour myself when they well fed in my backyard. The flying photograph we took was the closest we came to this at a wild destination where food was less abundant and the bird had to dive into water for his. I hope you enjoy these warm autumn colours as well as these intelligent birds, be sure to listen to them as well on video or mobile app.

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Sep 2019

very nice. I thought it was spring there now.

Artist Reply: Thank you! It is spring in Canberra- Floriade is around the corner and while people are here for the annual flower festival they can visit Australian birds art Gallery as well if they wish, but it also means it is the perfect time to catch up on uploads to ! :) I have discovered that when spring is here its autumn somewhere else on the opposite side of the globe, so being a artist we are free to explore, as art is a universal language. My next is Swans and the cygnets were photographed in spring time by my husband who knew I wanted to paint them!