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Next to the last installment of the 5.75 by 3 inch notepad. I promise. I like putting two of them together as they make a nice counterpoint situation. The viewer can see the differences and the similarities of each one, I think. I'm using my inexpensive yet quite expressive gel pen. A .70. So is it some of that scribbled out Original Jones Art we've all come to expect? Hmmm. Only Austin, Texas knows and it ain't telling.


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Nikolay Semyonov 28 Aug 2019

great art and most recognizable style. wonder how you manage to stick to your line that never fails you!

Artist Reply: I think one thing is I don't think about it too much, Nikolay. And, interestingly, there are times when I can't draw a monkey's nut---though, truthfully, I've never really tried to. :) May be a bit of what is called 'muscle memory' when it works anyway. Hope you had a great B-day. :)

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 27 Aug 2019

Masterful sketches with tons of images to encounter in these two men! Hope all is well with you!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Mark! I like the quick immediacy of these smaller sketches. They seem purer somehow, less contrived, more spontaneous. I'm doing okay. A sweet Asian lady smiled at me as she walked by my house yesterday. I was out front sipping coffee. It could be worse. :)