Red Panda Wildlife Art Susan Willemse

Red Panda was painted after photographing this zoo baby at the local zoo. It is one of my favourite images and I was not going to limit my painting to Australian birds when these gorgeous creatures are here to see and photograph too. So the really delightful fur creatures we meet will fall into the wildlife category of my artwork practise, having said that it is sad that many wildlife animals now have found safe homes in zoos and nature reserves as their numbers are declining in the wild- Red Panda is no exception. Indeed the attached relaxed Red Panda image is from a zoo in NSW, the image referenced is the photograph taken at our local ACT zoo, however as with my other images I study my subject matter on more than one location and time before I choose to paint them as it is the finer detail that you remember when you see them that I try to capture as well. The technical process of creating this artwork is shown in the attached video and the pricing which is standardised includes a custom made floating Victorian Ash frame with hard backing and a Certificate of Authenticity. Please allow 1 week for framing. This gallery wrap framing makes the artwork a little more heavy but means that a gust of wind that blows through the room it hangs in will not affect it, the solid back is added protection as well as protecting the sides of the artwork. If you lucky to get to see these delightful "fur balls" you will find them high up in the trees for several visits and then the day will arrive that they descend the branches to study you better too and that's when photography becomes a great tool as you can then capture those quick backward glances that would be so hard to sketch in a few seconds. Capturing the light in this fur and all the red colours was also my goal for a good piece of photo-realism artwork starts with knowledge of the subject matter in reality and a quality reference image first. Travel to their wild locations would be even more amazing for the artist as more of the environment could be studied and added in detail too but this would significantly increase the cost of production, so I hope you all enjoy this little one. This artwork can be seen at

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Joanie Holliday 21 Aug 2019


Artist Reply: Thank you Joanie, this was one of my first "fur babies" as I usually paint feathers! :)

Jill Smith 21 Aug 2019

Very nice work Susan!

Artist Reply: Thank you Jill, I am adding fur and fins to my feather collection! :)