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Rockfall Coldust Valley    *  2019 Kiddolucaslee

Art by Kiddolucaslee - Asia Studio


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Sno* Smith 30 Jul 2019

Masterfully done!

Thomas Curry 28 Jul 2019

your use of light is marvelious

Artist Reply: In my late 20s (age)...I was still doing the normal ways applying colors Infact earlier I had used GRISAILLES technique doing the portraiture... 'Monochrome' and light studying in drawing is something every artist should take importance...this enrich our skill even when applying wet pigments I dont mind sharing some secret of my technique Prepare some monochromatics layer before applying the other colors layers I love artists who paint their strokes loosely As for me ..I prefer more loose strokes and some mixture of rigid ones College days - I paint with stiff fingers....many compositions look sharp Years later after observing better art works...I reformed my style ....strictly forbade sharp edge rendering Light formation & observation help to bring out a better work....try to understand the density of right color use for the lights

Barry Huyett 28 Jul 2019