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Steven's Circle Balboa Canal Zone #2

On the right you see the Balboa Commissary where we bought our food & clothes. Across the street, Balboa Road, from the Commissary on the right you see the Balboa Theater & next to it in the middle of the painting you see the Balboa Clubhouse which had a cafeteria, a soda fountain where you could get sandwiches, etc., magazine area, bakery. Upstairs was the barbor shop & the beauty parlor. Behind the Clubhouse was the Balboa Swimming Pool where my dad & Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan) taught me to swim when I was 6 months old.

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Anonymous Guest

James Anderson 17 May 2019

Wow! One of your best works!

Steve Haynes 15 May 2019

excellent work again Sharon.....

Geoff Cooper 13 May 2019

Beautiful creations dear Sharon !

Ian Richard Laws 13 May 2019

Sharon as always a great painting and another wonderful memory that you have kindly shared, i am sure you may already have thought about this but combining the paintings and text would make a wonderful exhibition,

Artist Reply: Dear Ian, Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment on this. When I feel I have exhausted my desire to paint the Canal Zone, I do plan to exhibit them When I have moved on to another subject. Same as when I completed my Biwling Ball House series and moved on. I actually had 3 exhibitions for those and turned down a 4th. So yes a great idea. ??. Thank you for your kind words on this. Hugs, Sharon

Sigridur Bachmann 12 May 2019

What a fabulous art of work ! Detail and composition is wonderful+ the texture !