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Love In Their Heads
Watercolour : 36 CM X 48 CM.
Unknown models.
Inspired by a photo.

EMOTIONS… { From my book of life }
Not me, Nor him, BUT …
This is how I see ” US ” in my mind. ( Without No connection to ME, ONLY THE ARTWORK )
Even though, No.. He’s not posing, definitely not this way…
She, Yes.. she would pose this way.
And, please don’t make any speculations.. because this is nothing more than inspirational writing… :-)...
Of course, as an artist, this is only one way I can sEE " US"..
There are many more ways ;-)... to express "US"... I hope to deal with more in the future.
Feel free to say what’s on your mind about this image.
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Copyrights© Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

Alberto D'Assumpcao 26 Mar 2019

excellent watercolor, Nira!! Art is indeed an excellent way to express our soul... and to find some answers...

Ron Bedsole 26 Mar 2019

I could do what he is doing in my younger days, not anymore lol, nice work