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Growing Up With The Emothions

Inspired by a photo, I found in an old journal.( Not me.. not we.. not us )
Watercolor. Part of Each Other - To Carry Her As She Is ..

When young, a man may wish to carry his beloved woman…
To feel her body, with it’s weight.. warmth.. LIFE.
To feel being belonged to one another, with its significance.
Some grow older still may wish to do so…
As the years go by, and the weight might change, as well as the body, or the emotions… The task might be different…
Perhaps more difficult to carry. Perhaps deeper in EMOTIONS.
In this painting, I wish to deal not only with the physical aspect of what is seen here..
But far more behind the thought…
The ability to carry each other, as one is… With its FULL MEANING.
May you be able to see the light in your life and those that are really in your world…
and even more to appreciate it.
Originally posted: Feb 14, 2011. Much changed since... But this is still how I see things.
We are all different from one another, and some think similar...
As for my life, I feel at the time I wrote this, I was perhaps Naive.. At least this is how it should be to my opinion.. It seems, not every person close enough reach this understanding in life, and surely some will never, unfortunately.
You can live half of your life with a loved one.. that is not able to share these feelings with you, or express it the same.. With love to ART.,
Thanks for being part of my life.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

Alberto D'Assumpcao 26 Mar 2019

Splendid work, Nira! Be strong, my friend!

Anonymous Guest 25 Mar 2019

As 4 my life i am happy 24 hRS /dayUR art work is g00d...

Anneke Hut 25 Mar 2019

Wonderful description and image!

Geoff Cooper 25 Mar 2019

Wonderful work and words dear Nira, I feel for you.

marie-claire gallet 25 Mar 2019