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Even if I know many.
At worse moments of life, there were very few people, who stood there by my side.
( I remember that always ) Some of those I may expected to support me, were not really able.
If loved one takes deliberately your power, don't trust this person, to be there at your side, when you most need support.
You may find that this person is abuser.. perhaps in panic.

You need to find some new people who will be able to stay there at your side always, without no conditions. Let there be BEST moments in LIFE.

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Anonymous Guest

Vernonette Gaddy 06 Feb 2019

Hang in there Nira. It is good on your part that you are able to express your feelings in a positive creative way through your very interesting, unique artworks.

Joanie Holliday 06 Feb 2019

There will always be those kind of people. Just turn around and be yourself.

Al Budarin 06 Feb 2019

,,,,if we didn't know the worst,then we wouldn't know the worst,unexpected goodbyes are the worst moments in our lives.

Artist Reply: Hello Al.. Thanks for commenting. Here I post in your name.. the correct comment. AL : "Re my word mistake,& I could not change it But my dad,still from the Old Country,,, always said to me ,, ,,,,If you didn't have the worst,you wouldn't know the BEST,that's what I meant in my comment sorry" And actually my friend, if I delete your comment, you can comment again. Worse moments are not only farewells.. it could be other situations. WISHING YOU HAPPY SAFETY.