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Two Colour ways. The upper image is the original,.. the image below is the sour one.
My series : Words of Importance. ( One of the images of love, I made )
Words written by myself few years ago, repost in 2013. and re of the re today.
Love is an illusion of what we feel about a loved one... Or as we sEE the subject of our love, in the EyEs of our mind.
It can become stronger with the understanding and knowing of the other.. Or it can fade away into a memory... Or NOTHING.
There are many shapes of LOVE.
There are many ways to LOVE.
There are many ways to express LOVE.
Love is changeable, especially with TIME.
A lot was written about LOVE... Much more, I could write about LOVE, But the MORE, I will leave for you to say...
Since LOVE has POWER..
And Since with the POWER of LOVE, I create... (not particularly for the other, but to life)
May we all know the HAPPY SIDE OF LOVE
May it be understandable, every minute...
Quoting myself all the way of this image info.

Well, What can I say...The men I live with almost 3 decades, married to almost 28 years, never read or saw this post, even if I posted it few times since made it.... How strange it is, I thought.
Should I force one to view my posts..? Should I force love... ?
Not really... Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.


Anonymous Guest

Anneke Hut 04 Feb 2019

Beautiful words and beautiful pictures!

Artist Reply: Thanks for visiting my dear friend, Anneke. Kind regards.

Al Budarin 03 Feb 2019

Wonderfully Spoken, Let the Beauty of what you Love ,Be what you do,,,The World has ended for me many times ,but has began again in the morning to a dazzling luminous Sunrise.

Artist Reply: Thanks for visiting my dear friend, Al. Kind regards.