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715 El Prado Balboa Panama Canal Zone

"715 El Prado Balboa Panama Canal Zone" I finished this yesterday. George Fitzgerald asked me to paint this & that he had a photo, which he sent. Carole Thompson Corey also wanted me to paint this. You see, we 3, with the Harrison's, lived here at the same time. Fitzgerald's upper left, Thompson's Upper right, Harrison's lower left and De Vore's lower right. You will see that our outside light was on when George took the photo years ago. I balked since his photo did not inspire me at all. A US Government house like all on the Prado, Barnaby Street, Tavernilla Street up both sides of Sosa Hill & on the military bases & other CZ towns. The large expanse of grass in front was mostly dead, obviously photo was taken in dry season. (I had fun painting grass & took its boring look away) When I painted my Ozark & Alma Houses they sat in the mountains with beautiful trees; very inspiring. This 715 does not have any beautiful trees; palms are just Huge plants with big leaves. The only possibly inspiring thing was that I had lived here. George won out, because I decided to paint it for him & Carole. Easy it was Not, but happy I painted it I am. Very happy. Thank you George. The Balboa High School Gymnasium was behind this house; you can see it on the left. That was a good thing for me in my Senior year, because I had Cheerleader practice after school every day in that gym. My Sophomore & Junior years I lived on the other side of Balboa and had a long way to walk after Cheerleading practice & on Ballet lesson days, I had to run with my school books across town after Cheering to ballet. A little history about El Prado; the houses are historic & were built first with the Administration Building that sits atop Ancon Hill at one end of the Prado. The road that goes to the BHS gym bisects it making each grass section the exact dimensions of a Panama Canal Lock; the 2 grass sections together are the size of Miraflores Locks since Miraflores has 2 locks, 2 steps. We lived on the Prado twice. First time I was in early grade school & we lived in the house next to this 715, on the right side, & we lived in the exact place "D". However we lived in the top right first & moved down when the bottom right became available. A little deviation from my Christmas paintings, but I still wish you all a Very Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!

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Randy Sylvia 20 Dec 2018

Great work Sharon...


WOW,what incredible great history You are Blessed with my Dear Friend!!!What a magnificent masterpiece!!!Great Fine Art!!! A Fav!!!David&I wish You a Beautiful Day!!!Hugs....Dee

Vernonette Gaddy 17 Dec 2018

Marvelous detailed painting Sharon. Great sequential images that you produced also. :)


A very very big ! WOW ! to this wonderful artwork and story Sharon Sharon,have a great new week ahead,Ciao bella

Brenda Loveless 16 Dec 2018

The project images help to show the effort that went into this beautiful, intricate painting. Well done!