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Yee Haw Riding the Range Once More

Yee Haw Riding the Range Once More totin' my old 44. Yeah Texas cowgirls know how to get their counterpart's attention but quick! Hop on his prize steer, horse or hot rod and shake things up! Ride 'em cowgirl! And don't forget to use those spurs! She's riding bare-back with hat held high! She's got his attention! No more singing the blues! That's right it's all in good fun when Rodeo season comes round again! This little filly has won first in class once more and put ol' Tex to shame. She’s a Rodeo Hero with the Blue Ribbons to prove it! - If you're one for good clean fun in the great outdoors you'll enjoy owning an archival print of Yee Haw Riding the Range Once More from VivaChas! Go On! Go Shopping! ~;0) VivaChas!

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