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Sep, 17, 18.
Start in Day Light, Finished @ Night
It was wonderful waking up this morning with a beautiful dream.
My morning dream brought several different textiles..
Some new impressive textiles, Others were dusted, under them found a "- - - -"
It started indoors, Israel, day light.
Finished outdoors ,completely different place..peacefully splendid unknown landscape, far away, in a different climate, Night.
There were four unknown new people in my dream including myself. ( non manipulated thanks god)
I wish I could dream it further more, yet, I got up.. with the need to remember it.
Thanks for viewing and commenting, I truly appreciate your time.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.,

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Al Budarin 19 Sep 2018

Work is never finished from Twighlight, to Dawn to Dusk& then you start all over again from where you left off but how enjoyable as there are times when there is just not enough time in the day

Artist Reply: Al, it is's also our choices of what to do or not , or priorities in life. Thank you.