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It once was common for Koolies to have one or two blue eyes, but since the DNA discovery linking blue eyes in Koolie to the merle gene, which creates blind/deaf pups, improved safer breeding practices with the encouraged merle to solid mating for the health of the breed and not the looks. We have seen a decline in blue eyed Koolies. The common eye colour today is brown eyes for reds and brown or black eyes for blacks, and tones of these two primary colours, occasionally you can still get blue eye(s), or part thereof, like chips, crescent even half but it is no longer common. Australian Koolie colours can be red or blue merle( patterned); solid (one colour) red/chocolate or black; bi (two colours) red and white, black and white, black and tan, red and tan; tricolor (three colours) including merle, normally with tan points and a white chest spot. Coat lengths come in smooth, short, short rough, medium, double coated or single, with feathers on their legs or without; long coats are not common (

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