Why Rin?

Sesshomaru is my favorite character on inuyasha. Who cares if he's evil! muhahahaha! I was reading the graphic novel of the movie when I ran into the part where he is talking to Rin. (or who ever she is, I've been told its Rin)Why is she following him? Does Sesshomaru enjoy having her around? what would happend if she died? yup, this is a very ironic picture. oh well, I love showing the soft sides of the bad guys. It was so hard scanning this one in, I had to scan peaces in indavidualy then put them togeather like a puzzle. It didnt quite fit in my scanner. So if you spot places where the shading doesent match, you know why...

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Dayna Robbins 24 Dec 2004

It makes me feel good inside! >o<