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Evening of Memorial Day for victims of wars and terror in Israel.
Israel in shadow of grief too many years.

Tomorrow evening of Independence Day.
I wish PEACE,& SAFETY, in all doings.
Privacy & Life clean of all kind of spy. Mutual Respect for one another, basically.
Hidden secrets do not exist between friends or relatives anymore.
May love & truth lead the way for WORLD PEACE.
Thanks for those accompanied my life, in loyal support.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest


wow,sooo stunning...brilliant and very moving great tribute,my dear friend!!!Peace love and safety to you and your family and beautiful homeland!!!My favorite for Your solemn Great artistic tribute !!!May the world never forget!!!With Love&prayers...HUGS...Dee&David

Thom Roslan 18 Apr 2018

Peace & Love Niri......May God Bless the down-trodded, the anquished, & the burdened ! Peace On Earth ! ! !

Anneke Hut 17 Apr 2018

Peace and love for everyone, I wish you lots of it, Nira!

Vernonette Gaddy 17 Apr 2018

A most memorable artistic tribute Nira.

Al Budarin 17 Apr 2018

A Wish for Universal Peace