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Baby Bupu, cover from One Day Dig 8 for The Mutant Epoch RPG

A rampaging Rubble Troll A village in crisis A quest for answers undertaken While making their way to a far off ancient metropolis to undertake their next dig, the excavators come across a village in chaos. Their guardian of the inhabitants, A rubble troll, seems to have gone mad, and ransacks the countryside, ruining the crops, damaging the houses and causing great worry among the inhabitants of Alnwick. With pleas for help, and a sizable offer of silver, the villagers recruit the passing diggers to discoverer the truth behind the behavior of the mutant monster - a normally peaceful monster that keeps away those that would eagerly wipe out the community if given half a chance. What perils and pitfalls await the adventurers as they investigate the countryside around the tiny farming town, and who or what is responsible for this calamity? This is our 8th One Day Dig, written by Tim Schuster, and is a Pay What You Want adventure suitable for both new and experienced players using characters of 1st or 2nd rank and can be placed in the Crossroads Region or the Game Master's own setting. It includes 2 maps, 14 illustrations, and is 14 pages in length. Stand by, Epochians, for yet more post-apocalyptic gaming goodness from Outland Arts.

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