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Areal View 2

As an abstract presence the image arose spontaneously without much more than a fast few brushstrokes using a quill brush with fresh paint color over dried painted enamel in succession. The result for me was the idea of a psychic landscape or arial view of a possible landing site for a thought form on an alien planet. The mind's ship navigates via conceived paths of least resistance but has no way of knowing in advance of the outcome of re-entry into what may or may not be a safe place. If in fact the thought form is symbolically a vehicle traveling in the "spacescape" or psychic outback of unfamiliar territory then at some point an awakening into consciousness might mean a departure from a sort of dream. The essential key are awareness might be in need of is what can be learned from that expedition into previously unknown territory.

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Brenda Loveless 05 Mar 2018

Very imaginative; vivid colors!

Artist Reply: Thanks very much Brenda!