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This house is near by to our home about 6 miles or so, we stop at a gas station to fill-up! I thought this was a good contrast. Have a wonderful day!

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Sharon De Vore 27 Feb 2018


Artist Reply: Thanks so much Sharon

Debra Kott 26 Feb 2018

Great shot.

Aqua1955 26 Feb 2018

Although the cold I did not see much of snow this year. A few hours the streets were white. The feeling temperature is around 15 below zero Celsius, so very cold. Also got the message that 81 months the climate on the pole was 3 to 5 degrees warmer. Holland is changing in a great battery on the roofs and windmill parks in the North Sea to provide troubles in future. Although people do and don't believe precautions are taken, because we are below the sea level. We noticed the last few years that the water raised 4 cm. Still hope the world will be united, because we Dutch have seen earthquakes for drilling gas. Buildings that are like this should also keep their view to provide a great landscape.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for your interesting story. Wow, I can't imagine that cold.Hope it warms up for you soon.

marie-claire gallet 26 Feb 2018


Artist Reply: Actually there are developements down the road and everywhere. Not here because of the gas station! Thanks for stopping

Al Budarin 26 Feb 2018

What a lonely house !!!It needs a family in it.Appears that it's just off the highway,,,it has Beautiful trees in it,hey Ginger put a For Sale sign on it ,Let's brighten up the Community

Artist Reply: True Al, wish someone would fix it up!