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Irises With A Story
A true Story with moral , from my book Chapter number 2006
Don't Say - BUT DO!


The days before Christmas, he was walking along the main street of his home town...
His beloved woman in thoughts of his heart.
At the entrance of flowers shop, he noticed the most wonderful Irises in a decorated box.
When he came back home, an hour later, he send her another love letter, he wrote: " I thought I would buy these Irises for you and send for Christmas..." ... " I love you ..." He added.
It was only the saying, but not really the doing...
Perhaps a virtual thought
She would never say, what she knew, she would never really do. And if a similar thought come to her mind, she would definitely send.
AND... It does not matter, if the thought was virtually or real.
She remembered once, many years before, receiving Irises on an occasion , and was inspired to paint them on a fabric.

Since I wrote some of these words, several years ago... YOU.. Now, will be given Irises... very soon.
And other may paint them.
The story originally posted with one of my Irises painting.

I thought it is a good story for Valentine's Day..
And you know what.. It is so simple to send those Irises, instead of just talking about them...
Happy Safety dear friends, who read my words.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 16 Feb 2018

Iris are so beautiful.. these are all soooo pretty. I had some beautiful one back in Georgia.. since my sweetheart is gone, and I’m in Texas now and in a new apartment, I can only hope my Iris in Georgia are giving the new home owner some of the pleasure I had making that home so beautiful for my love and me..

marie-claire gallet 16 Feb 2018


Thom Roslan 15 Feb 2018

LOVE is always a "great" subject for ART ! ! ! Beautiful Work Niri !

Marie josé LAURIER 15 Feb 2018

very beautiful irises collection : photos and paintings , very nice purple tones ... Well done Nira !!!

Al Budarin 14 Feb 2018

Beautiful.Story!! With lots of in depth meaning,Irises are of Faith & Hope ,that Purple in the Majestic ,Magnificent Rainbow ,that separates us From Heaven and Earth,Dazzling colours of Purple Irises ,Beautiful Painting