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Memories... This drawing was found today in a page I built few years ago at my web-site...

Ostrich. Sketchbook.
Early works.
P & I . About 25 x 35. 1984.

Thanks for visiting dear friend over there and so far a way..
It seems I visited there today too ;-)
For much better times..

And I wondered... What happened to the bird's feathers..there at your studio
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Ray Steele 12 Aug 2020

Awesome Nira

Ron Bedsole 26 May 2018

beautiful sketch

LouAnn Knight 21 Jan 2018

Cool sketch. It’s nice to look back on some of the old sketches just to see and sometimes as a good reminder.. LOL

marie-claire gallet 21 Jan 2018


Al Budarin 21 Jan 2018

Wonderful sketch,these are the biggest birds on Earth that I've I know of from what I learn at our zoos ,They are Fast,why they have wings,? Like chickens ,they can't fly. But I do know they can Swim ,,,tall up to 9 ft tall with beautiful colourings & only live in Africa,,,to find this sketch in your archives must have brought back memories when you were drawing it.