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DEEP DOWN TO THE SOURCE OF ALL OR IS IT UP AND WITHIN? Fifteen thousand billion years ago, our universe was born in a vast and mysterious eruption of being. Out of the fireball -the great fire at the beginning of time came all the elementary particles of the cosmos, including the Milky Way and our planetary home, the Earth. All the land, the waters, the animals, the plants, the moon and stars -everything in our life, everything that continues to evolve is part of that cosmic story. The subjectivity of each being, its depth and limitless interiority, mirrors the vastness of the physical universe: it is the face of its ultimate mystery. Yet none of us exist in isolation; we are part of a web of relationships that are as much gravitational, genetic, vibratory, historical, psychological, evolutionary as creative. THE GOD PARTICLE. Ron Atkin's mind-scape paintings simulate these thoughts as I stand enveloped by its scale. Am I part of the birth of the cosmos, present at the beginning? Am I emerging from the womb into the light? Do I survey some geography of the Quantum Self? Is this some journey to the centre of the soul, the space of the mind's eye of God? Or are these experiences but of one continuum? In his essay On Modern Art, Paul Klee puzzled not dissimilar imaginings, " Our pounding heart,"he wrote, "drives us down, deep down to the source of all" and, no less relevantly, "Chosen are those artists who penetrate the region of the secret place where primeval power nurtures all evolution." It seems to me that Ron Atkin has visited that place............................................ John Lane John Lane Author of The Living Tree Art and The Sacred. He wrote numerous books over the years, all informed by his profound knowledge of the arts and his interest in contemporary spirituality. Of these, the best known is Timeless Simplicity: Creative Living in a Consumer Society, first published in 2001 and reprinted many times. He also wrote In Praise of Devon, a celebration of the county where he lived for over forty years, and his final book, published in 2010, was The Art of Ageing: Inspiration for a Positive and Abundant Later Life. John was a Director of Green Books for over 20 years...........Canvas 8ft x 5ft

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